Starter Packs Dundee

Scottish Charity No. SCO30710



Starter Packs Dundee

Starter Packs Dundee is an interdenominational Christian organisation.

Donations of good, unwanted basic household goods, bed linen and curtains are received from churches in Dundee, other organisations and individuals. They are then re-cycled and made up into 'starter packs' by a team of volunteers working on a rota basis.

Last year Starter Packs Dundee responded to almost 700 referrals, helping over 1000 individuals.


STARTER PACKS DUNDEE is a voluntary charity, initiated by Scottish Churches Housing Action in 2000, responding positively to the problems faced by resettling homeless and needy individuals and families in the Dundee area.


Our Aims

  • To assist individuals and families who are unable to provide themselves with basis household goods and bedding as they prepare to take on a tenancy.
  • To help such tenants to sustain their tenancies by relieving them of the drain on their resources of providing essential household equipment and bedding.
  • To provide churches and the wider community with the opportunity to make a direct response to homelessness and poverty in Dundee by working collaboratively, collecting goods and volunteering.
  • To foster a partnership approach bringing the churches and other agencies together to work alongside the user group and the wider community.
  • To raise awareness of the problems needy and homeless people face within the community. Being suitably equipped as they take up a tenancy, formerly homeless individuals and families are more readily accepted.


Referring Clients

Referrals are received form Dundee City Council Social Work and Housing Departments, from Tayside NHS Social Work and Family Centres, Hillcrest Housing Association, Action for Children, the Salvation Army, the Criminal Justice Service, Dundee Homefinder, Positive Steps and many other agencies caring for re-settling homeless and needy individuals and families in the Dundee area.




Reasons for Referral:

  • Kenneth is living at various friends' addresses. He has got a tenancy but has no furnishings.
  • Linda is 17 and expecting her first child shortly. She is homeless because her mother has moved to England.
  • David has mild learning disabilities, is currently unemployed and lives with his mother who is on incapacity benefit. He has been allocated his own tenancy. He is not entitled to some benefits that would have helped.
  • Miss Smith, 76, is being discharged from hospital. Requires bedding.
  • Peter is a recently separated lone dad with 3 children, 7,5,and 3. He needs bedding for the children.
  • Mary, a single mother, is struggling to furnish her flat so that she can have her children with her. (2 boys, aged 3 and 1)
  • Elderly couple on Pension Credit. Husband incontinent due to stroke. Require bedding.
  • Jim has been allocated a tenancy after living in a hostel for many months

Starter Packs Dundee, 39 Forest Park Road, Dundee, DD1 5NU Tel: 01382 223977



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